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Solend Developer Portal Launches with Rewards and Grants for DeFi Developers

Solend, a DeFi money market for lending and borrowing on Solana, has launched the Solend Developer Portal to make it easy for Web3 Developers to build on top of Solend. They’re also offering a 20% developer reward program and developer grants ranging from $5k to $30k. 

Solend is the lending and borrowing DeFi primitive of Solana. We hope to see more developers build on top of Solend, since that brings sticky usage and deeper integration in the ecosystem.

Solend’s vision is to become the most secure and easy-to-use lending platform in the Solana ecosystem to make cheap, fast DeFi accessible to everyone. 

Solend Developer Portal

To make that vision a reality, Solend is launching their Solend Developer Portal to provide developers the tools to make Solend the leading platform to build DeFi apps on top of.

Within the Solend Developer Portal you’ll find:

  • Typescript SDK

The SDK  makes it easy to integrate with Solend. For example, you can perform a deposit with just two lines of code: 

const solendAction = await SolendAction.buildDepositTxns(
await solendAction.sendTransactions(sendTransaction);

In the future you’ll also find Solend Rust crates, examples, tutorials, and much more. 

Developer Reward Program

When users borrow tokens, Solend charges origination fees of a few basis points. With the developer reward program, developers that integrate DeFi apps with Solend can earn 20% of the fees generated by the application.

The developer reward fee is built into the Solend smart contracts. Any application that creates a transaction that calls borrow() may pass in an address to collect 20% of the borrow fee when invoking process_borrow_obligation_liquidity().

With more than $600M in total value locked, Solend has become a leader in the Solana DeFi ecosystem. This new program could help it grow by attracting more developers to the platform. 

Developer Grants 

If you’re building, or planning to build a project that uses Solend you may be eligible for a Solend developer grant ranging from $5k to $30k USDC 

Solend Developer Portal


Mike Hale
Mike Hale

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