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From Hackathon to Startup: Colosseum’s Impact on Solana Projects

The Colosseum Hackathon and Accelerator are leading the charge towards fostering a vibrant ecosystem of developers, founders, and innovators by accelerating and investing in the brightest minds in the Solana ecosystem.

Colosseum is an independent organization dedicated to running online events in the Solana ecosystem for web3 developers and aspiring blockchain entrepreneurs.

It’s a chance to be part of a leading-edge platform that promotes innovation, talent discovery, and scalable development.

colosseum hackathon and accelerator

The Three Pillars of Colosseum

The foundation of Colosseum is built on three robust pillars, with each playing a pivotal role in enhancing the skills of web3 developers:

Colosseum Hackathons

Colosseum will leverage the power of online hackathons to scout for talent, allowing participants to showcase their potential to innovate and build on the blockchain. 

These events are not mere contests. They are incubators for the next generation of blockchain projects. 

By hosting 2-3 online hackathons annually, Colosseum opens the door for developers worldwide to showcase their skills, innovate, and contribute to the Solana ecosystem’s growth. 

The commitment to follow each hackathon with an Accelerator batch underscores Colosseum’s dedication to supporting winners after the hackathon.


Projects that win the hackathons will gain exclusive access to the Colosseum accelerator program. 

Founders lucky enough to be accepted into this 5-week program can expect not just an injection of $250,000 in pre-seed investment but also invaluable mentorship and access to a network of experienced founders and mentorship opportunities. 

This comprehensive support is there to ensure the accelerated startups not only survive, but thrive in the competitive Web3 marketplace.

Community and Collaboration

At the core of Colosseum’s mission is the commitment to building a robust and engaged community of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and founders.

Developers are encouraged to sign up for a Colosseum profile, through which they can find teammates, share and critique product ideas, and compete in hackathons. 

Members can personalize their profiles with information about their blockchain experience, technical skills, and project interests. This personalization helps in matching members with potential cofounders, mentors, and projects that align with their skills and interests.

Members are encouraged to connect, share insights, and work together on projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the web3 space.

The ability to search for and find co-founders is a standout feature of the platform, enabling members to form teams based on complementary skills and shared visions.

Join the Arena

The impact of hackathons on the Solana ecosystem is undeniable. Many top ecosystem founders, behind successful projects like Stepn, Mango, Genopets, and Solend, got their start in Solana hackathons.

Colosseum isn’t coming out of nowhere. It’s co-founded by @mattytay, who has overseen the Solana Foundation hackathons since 2020. 

The number of projects and participants of these hackathons is really impressive too!


Projects Launched

VC Investments

VC Funded Startups

Projects like Tensor, Squads Protocol, Marinade, and Jito Labs all came out of these previous hackathons.

The next Colosseum Hackathon kicks off on March 4, 2024.

Whether you’re seeking to compete in the most competitive online hackathons, establish a startup with the backing of a dedicated accelerator, or connect with a community of like-minded builders, Colosseum invites you to enter the arena. 

Introducing Colosseum

Mike Hale
Mike Hale

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