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The image features the GameShift logo on a dark background filled with various gaming icons, paired with the Google Cloud logo. The text 'X' signifies the collaboration between the two entities.

GameShift and Google Cloud: A Game Changer for Web3 Developers

Solana Labs has announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to bring GameShift, its pioneering Web3 gaming platform, to a broader audience.  By leveraging Google Cloud’s infrastructure, GameShift provides developers the tools they need to incorporate digital assets and user-generated…

A black and white artistic representation of two hands reaching towards each other, inspired by Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam,' with a minimalistic bonsai tree logo labeled Bonsol

Unlocking Verifiable Compute on Solana with Bonsol

As blockchain technologies evolve, the integration of advanced cryptographic techniques such as Verifiable Compute (VC) and Zero Knowledge (ZK) proofs are becoming increasingly important. These technologies enhance security and expand the potential for new kinds of decentralized applications. The terms…

Brave Browser Adds Solana Web3 Apps Support to Brave Wallet

Brave, a privacy focused cryptocurrency-centered browser, has added built-in Brave Wallet support for Solana allowing desktop users to connect directly to Solana Web3 DApps, in addition to the ability to send, receive, store, and purchase tokens. Brave Wallet’s integration with…

Getting Started with the Alchemy Solana API Toolkit

Web3 development platform Alchemy has launched the Alchemy Solana API Toolkit, a suite of development tools for the Solana blockchain.  Currently, Alchemy’s core offering is an Ethereum-based node infrastructure, but they have expanded their services for other blockchains such as…

Metaplex Bug Bounty Program Offers Up To $200k in Rewards

Metaplex Foundation is launching the Metaplex Bug Bounty Program to reward developers that find and report security vulnerabilities, with rewards ranging from $200 to $200,000. Metaplex is a NFT ecosystem on Solana made up of two core components: an on-chain…