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Brave Browser Adds Solana Web3 Apps Support to Brave Wallet

Brave, a privacy focused cryptocurrency-centered browser, has added built-in Brave Wallet support for Solana allowing desktop users to connect directly to Solana Web3 DApps, in addition to the ability to send, receive, store, and purchase tokens.

Brave Wallet’s integration with Solana offers low fees and fast transaction speeds for DeFi, NFT, and Gaming apps on Solana’s growing ecosystem of decentralized applications.

Brave Wallet already makes Web3 easy-to-use with multiple features and partnerships, and today we’re expanding this access via our Solana integration and DApp support for our desktop browsers, with mobile coming soon. Brave users already benefit from Solana’s faster transactions and low fees, and can now directly connect with its growing ecosystem of DApps to explore NFTs, music, fitness, and many more options.

Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave

Brave Wallet Developer Docs

Brave has updated their developer documentation to teach developers how to set up your Web3 apps to connect with the Brave Wallet. 

When using Brave, the browser injects a window.braveSolana provider object on secure sites in these cases. It is aliased as window.solana is kept for compatibility with existing code.

Brave Wallet is fully compatible with the Phantom wallet’s API. By default, window.solana.isPhantom is true when using Brave Wallet, and I is an alias of window.braveSolana.

const isBraveWallet = window.braveSolana.isBraveWallet
console.log('Brave Wallet: ', isBraveWallet)

The Solana Wallet Adapter library includes Brave adapter which makes including Brave Wallet support easy for developer to add to their apps:

import { clusterApiUrl } from "@solana/web3.js";
import {  WalletProvider, ConnectionProvider } from @solana/wallet-adapter-react";
import { WalletAdapterNetwork } from "@solana/wallet-adapter-base";
import { PhantomWalletAdapter, BraveWalletAdapter } from  "@solana/wallet-adapter-wallets";
import { WalletModalProvider, WalletMultiButton } from "@solana/wallet-adapter-react-ui";
function App() {
  const network = WalletAdapterNetwork.Mainnet;
  const endpoint = clusterApiUrl(network);
  const wallets = [new PhantomWalletAdapter(), new BraveWalletAdapter()];
  return (
    <ConnectionProvider endpoint={endpoint}>
      <WalletProvider wallets={wallets} autoConnect>
          <div className="App">
            <p>PUT YOUR CODE HERE</p>
            <WalletMultiButton />
export default App;

Initially, only the desktop version of the browser will include support for Solana dApp integration, but support for the mobile version is planned for the near future.

Mike Hale
Mike Hale

Mike Hale has more than 20 years of experience in software & web development, marketing, and product management.